How to get from Budapest airport to the city center

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There are multiple ways to reach from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport to the city centre. Each with its advantages and disadvantages. Check out all your options below.

In this handy overview you can see in a glance what’s the difference between all means of transport from Budapest airport to the city centre:

Means of transportTimeTimetablePrice 
Bus 100E35 mins05.00 – 01.20900 Ft. (£2.3/€2.7)
Bus 200 E + metro50 mins04.09 – 00.21350 Ft. (£0.9/€1)
Train60 minsfrom 720 Ft. (£1.9/€2)
Taxi25 mins24/7from 6500 Ft. (£17/€20)
Shuttle busdepending24/7from 2200 Ft. (£6/€6.5)
The time in the table is the travel time. The timetable is the one from the airport to the city.

Budapest Airport Bus

The cheapest way to get from the airport to the centre of the city is by bus. It’s my favourite way to travel to the city. Since it’s not only cheap but it’s also quite convenient.

There are two ways to get from the airport to the city by bus:

Option 1. Bus 100E

If you want to go by bus, taking line 100E is the easiest option. You just hop on on the airport, and get off at one of the stops in Budapest centre. This bus leaves from Terminal 2 and stops at Kalvin tér and Deák Ferenc tér. A single ticket costs 900 HUF, which is a bit over £2.4. You can buy a ticket from the driver, from the ticketmachine next to the bus stop or online. Don’t forget to punch it inside the bus.

Price:900 HUF – 2.4 pound
Frequency:every 20 minutes
Travel time:35 minutes with little traffic, up to 60 minutes during rush hours
Drives from: 05.00 – 01.20 from the airport. 03.40 – 00.40 from city centre
Stops:Kálvin tér M – Astoria M (only between 3:40 en 04:40!) – Deák Ferenc tér

Option 2. Bus 200E + Metro 3

This option is the least convenient on this page, but it is the cheapest. So if you are on a budget this is a good option for you. In this way first you take the bus to metrostation Kőbánya-Kispest. From here you take metroline 3 in direction of Deák Ferenc tér. For both rides you need a ticket of 350 HUF.

Price:700 HUF – 1.9 pound
Frequency:every 7 till 15 minutes
Travel time:approx 55 minutes
Drives from:04.09 – 00.21

Taxi Budapest Airport

Offcourse the most covenient of all these options is taking a taxi from the airport. This will bring you straight from the airport to your accomodation. At any hour of the day. Offcourse it’s also the most expensive. If it’s quiet on the road it costs around 7500 HUF, which is around £20. If it’s busy the price can go up to 9000 HUF (£24).

There are taxi stands in front of both Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B. The most reliable company to travel with is Főtaxi. Don’t let somebody talk you into another vehicle. Just go to the taxi stand of Főtaxi and take a cab from there

Price:between 7500 HUF (£20) – 9000 HUF (£24)
Travel time:from 25 minutes up to 60 minutes during rush hour

Order your taxi online

Offcourse you can get a taxi on the spot once you arrive on the airport in Budapest. But you can make it also more easy on yourself and order a taxi online on forehand. The driver will be waiting for you on the airport. Once you leave the airplane you just need to step in the taxi and head to your hotel. This way you don’t need to worry about anything and it’s completely safe and reliable. Plus you can pay on forehand and depending the amout of traffic, the costst are always the same (€27/£24) .

Train from the airport

train budapest

If you want to take the train to the airport you need to take bus 200E first. The train departs from Ferihegy railway station, which is 7 minutes by bus from the airport. Once at Ferihegy there are almost 100 trains per day leaving to the centre. From here you take the train to Nyugati station in 20 minutes. The total price is 350 HUF for you busticket, plus 370 HUF if you take the train. If you take the intercity, you have to pay an extra allowance though.

Shuttlebus Budapest Airport (miniBUD)

Do you want to be taken from door to door, but you think a taxi is too expensive? Then the shuttlebus is a good option for you. Make sure you make a reservation on forehand though and the bus is filled up, otherwise it’s still quite expensive. If you want to take theshuttlebus on your way back too, then it’s smart if you buy straight away buy your ticket back. Make here a reservation for the shuttlebus.

Price:from €7, depending on amount of passengers
Travel time:approx 55 minutes depending on amount of passengers
Drives from:24-7

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