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matthias church budapest

The Matthias Church in Budapest is located on a very nice spot: next to the Fisherman’s Bastion. Thanks to its fantastic spot, its white beautiful towers and its colourful rooftop the church the building is very impressive.

Opening Hours Matthias Church

These are the hours at which you can visit the church:

Monday till friday: 9.00 AM – 5.00PM
Saturday: 9.00 AM – 12.00 AM
Sunday: 1.00 – 5.00 PM

Be aware that church events and liturgies have priority, and might effect the regular opening hours. On Good Saturday (the Saturday before Easter), the Matthias church is only open for worshippers.

If you want to attent a holy mass, check these hours:

Weekdays: 6.00 AM (Rorate, on Advent weekdays only), 7.00 AM (silent), 6.00 PM (organ)
Sunday: 7.00 AM (silent), 10.00 AM (in Latin, with music), 12.00 AM (organ), 6.00 PM (guitar)

Entrance fees Matthias Church Budapest

Underneath you find the entrance fees of the church.

60+ 12003,5
Family (2 adults + child)4200
Children (0-6), handicapped, pilgrimsFree

Entrance fee watchtower

If you buy a ticket for the church unfortunately it’s not valid for the watchtower. To climb the tower you need to buy a seperate ticket. You can also just buy a ticket for the tower and skip the church.

The prices for the watchtower are exactly the same as the one for the church. See the table above.

For both the church and the watchtower you can buy tickets on forehand on the official website of the Matthias Church in Budapest. This way you don’t have to queue op.

Guided tour

If you would like to have a guided tour in the Matthias Church you have to arrange this on forehand. There is not a standard tour at standard hours. You have to request them. Guided tours can be arranged between 10am-16pm from Monday to Friday, on Saturday during the opening hours, on the spot, depending on the capacity of our guides. The tour takes about 45 minutes. You can book a guided tour by sending an email.

The prices for guided tours are 2 500 HUF (£7) for a group of 1 to 5 people and for a group of 5 up to 45 people it’s 6000 HUF (£17).

What to expect

What can you expect to see in the Matthias Church.

  • a stunning interior: beautiful stained glas, a pretty floor and frescoes from famous Hungarian painters
  • the grave of king Béla III. and his wife Anne de Châtillon
  • a replica of the holy crown of Hungary
  • a museum with different exhibitions
  • background information about the church

There is so much to see that you can spend around 45 minutes to an hour in the church.

Rules for visitors

If you visit the Matthias Church in Budapest please follow the rules. It is not allowed to smoke, eat, or drink in the church. You can’t bring a dog inside. Also bear in mind that if you wear a cap you might have to take it off and for women goes that they might ask you to cover your shoulders. It is allowed to take pictures inside the church. In the chapels and sanctuary you are allowed to use flashlight. However, in the museum halls on the upper floor using the flash is not allowed.

Matthias Church Budapest

A short history

When the church was build is unsure, but one suspects it’s founded as early as the year 1050. Allthough there is no evidence dating back before 1247! So it’s origin is a bit unclear. What people do know is that Saint Steven was the founder of the church. And actually for a long time the church bore his name: the Steven Church.

Eventually the church was named after Matthias Corvinus. He ordered the building of the highest tower of the church. His both marriages were conducted in this church. King Franz Josef and his famous wife Elizabeth (also widely known as Sisi) were also married in the Matthias Church in Budapest.

From the original structure of the building is not much left. Just the pillars and the foundation date back to the early years. All other parts of the building were once destroyed. The church is recently completely renovated (2004-2013).

How to get to Matthias Church

On foot: Walk up one of the paths to the castle hill. How? Walk to the end of Szénechyi chainbridge and then take a right and try and find the stairs there. If you don’t find the stairs just follow the road and keep heading right. There are many paths up to Matthias church and the Fisherman’s Bastion, so just remember to keep on taking the paths to the right and to climb uphill.

By bus: Bus 16 takes you to Diaz Tér which is next to Matthias Church. You can get in this bus at Deák Ferenc tér at the Pest-side of the city.

Adresss: 2 Szentháromság tér

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